Natural dyeing or eco printing process...

How I innocently became enthralled with this process...

It all started with a class I stumbled upon advertised on the Ace Hotel website.  Cara Marie Piazza, an amazing artist,  (yes, look her up!) was teaching a bundle dying class at the roof top bar of the Los Angeles Ace Hotel., enrolled...

That action is so "me". I love learning new methods of expressing myself with art and crafts. I love the unknown and new in art. And I love creating with the intention of being open to  new discoveries hoping to enhance what I already know.

This time  I learned bundle dying with flowers onto silk. I love the fact that there’s no set formula for bundle dyeing, just guidelines and suggestions. No mistakes... just opportunity for new ideas and results.   It quickly became my new thing.  

The simple process starts with fabric of plant or protein origin, and plant materials or minerals containing pigments. are added. The two are rolled, wrapped and bundled together. A steaming or simmering process is then applied to bind the fiber with pigments.

Every bundle is different and the anticipation of the reveal is the best part. I'm hooked again and again and again. 

It's truly an Art that cannot be duplicated.  I love that it can never be mass produced. Even if you use the same process or dye pot or leaves each scarf will be different. 

Please check out my creations, reach out, and connect if you like.  I would love to hear your comments. 

A bundle ready to reveal
A bundle ready to reveal