about me

Couleur de la vie - Color from Life

Hi, I’m Bobbi, the creator of all  images and designs you see on this site. 

I’m an artist who has loved being crafty since I was maybe 5-6 years old.  Being crafty was an accepted trait in my home growing up. In fact, my Mom let me sell Shrink Art earrings at her beauty shop one year. I think only a couple pairs sold, but hey, I put them out there.  That was a big step for a 9 year old kid in a St. Louis, MO suburb. 

I continued to be crafty and artistic my whole life while I have worked in a technical role at my "real" job.  

Pottery, photography, painting, and cooking are my creative outlets that keep me sane while working in the corporate world.

Eco printing  and bundle dyeing are my new passions that truly make me happy.  Every scarf, napkin or up cycled clothing item you see on this site was dyed with love and passion. It pulls together so many talents of mine into one inclusive creative outlet.

I feel truly blessed that I found this process and the other artists who share this passion.

Contact me... i’d love to share more with you or help you learn.

Custom ideas?

Please contact me if you are interested in custom dyed fabrics, napkins, or gift ideas for your wedding or a special celebration or collaboration.